Well done to all who competed in our “home” East Surrey League match on Thursday – yet to receive any results, so they might follow on with next weekend’s roundup. Similarly well done to all competitors in the Surrey Disability T&F Champs during the weekend – no results as yet! And the same story goes for Hercules Wimbledon’s Young Athlete’s Open and the Herne Hill Harriers Open track meets….which basically just leaves us with the parkrun! Please pop me an email if you competed elsewhere!

Entries open for the Surrey Track and Field Champs on 14/15 May – online entries close 4th May (paper 3rd May)


Parkrun Corner

17:15 Ollie Garrod (Banstead) – first finisher!

18:34 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch)

18:47 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

20:51 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

20:56 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:15 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch)

21:19 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

21:24 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch)

21:53 Jim Seabury (Banstead)

22:05 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

23:28 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

25:44 Sophie Lomas (Tonbridge)

29:27 Keith Walker (Banstead)

A great start to the track campaign for E&E claiming the Kinnaird (track) and 2nd in the Sward (field) trophy competitions at Kingsmeadow!

Kinnaird and Sward Match, Kingston0E891F43-0DB4-4B22-8253-28BB76807402

100m SW: Katrina Fidler 13.6, Lizzie Thompson 14.5

200m SM: Joe Linsley 31.4

200m SW: Naomi Lenane 29.3, Emma Jardine 29.6

400m SM: Dan Wolff 56.0, Alex Hawkins 57.1

400m SW: Katrina Fidler 62.6, Naomi Lenane 63.8

800m SM: Dan Wolff 2:10.4, Marcus Levett 2:18.3

800m SW: Di Norman 2:21.1, Charlotte Mason 3:20.4

1500m SM: Stu Flack 4:50.6, Matt Houghton 5:15.3

1500m SW: Emily Alden 5:13.3

3000m SM: Ollie Garrod 9:25.9, Stu Flack 10:12.6, Bill Arbury 11:38.9

3000m SW: Jane Davies 12:21.5, Charlotte Mason 14:13.3

100mH SW: Lizzie Thompson 19.9

400mH SW: Lizzie Thompson 74.6

1500m S/C SW: Di Norman 5:44.2

2000m S/C SM: Alex Hawkins 7:28.8

HJ SM: Dave Blunt 1.45, Stu Flack 1.00

HJ SW: Di Norman 1.50, Lizzie Thompson 1.35

PV SM: Dave Blunt 3.01

LJ SM: Dan Wolff 4.42

LJ SW: Di Norman 4.50, Charlotte Mason 1.80

TJ SM: Matt Pullan 11.54, Dave Blunt 9.54

TJ SW: Lizzie Thompson 9.64, Jo Bennett 5.42

Shotput 4kg SW: Di Norman 10.87, Jo Bennett 9.70

Discus 2kg SM: Ian Frankish 33.93, Mark Alden 22.69

Discus 1kg SW: Jo Bennett 26.15, Di Norman 22.09

Hammer 7kg SM: Ian Frankish 40.36

Hammer 4kg SW: Jo Bennett 28.93

Javelin SM: Ian Frankish 41.25, Marcus Levett 14.83

Paddock Wood Half Marathon

1:37:41 Jane Davies

1:38:35 Vanda Caulfield

Richmond Half Marathon

2:19:48 Rachel Humphreys

Parkrun Corner

16:19 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher!

17:23 Harley Norman (Riddlesdown) – first finisher!

18:59 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:06 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

20:33 Joe Linsley (Fulham Palace)

20:46 Jeff Butler (Bideford)

21:24 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

21:31 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

22:28 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

23:01 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:53 Keith Walker (Roundshaw)

27:46 Amelia Linsley (Fulham Palace)

29:24 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

Happy Easter all! This weekend saw a hugely successful inaugural “Harriers run Nonsuch parkrun”, and a good spring clean for the track – many thanks to all who helped out with these. Beyond that, seemingly not a great deal to report – but please do forward on any results missed!

Cardiff Half Marathon (part of the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships)

1:26:53 Izzy Brinsden

Parkrun Corner

16:29 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:56 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch)

18:11 Steve Winder (Coventry)

18:24 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:46 Stu Flack (Osterley Park) – first finisher

20:55 Chloe Bean (Perth, Scotland)

21:06 Joe Linsley (Little Stoke)

21:09 Jim Seabury (Nonsuch)

21:59 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

23:38 Isabella Tennant (Bushy)

23:51 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

24:57 Sophie Lomas (Nonsuch)

29:10 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

41:38 Keith Walker (Nonsuch) – tail runner

First of some results missed off last week;

Spitfire 20

2:38:48 Jane Davies

2:39:56 Vanda Caulfield

2:51:18 Gerry Smith

3:18:09 Steve Laws

Grizzly 20

2:28:18 Stephen Mitchell


Now for this weeks;

Palace Half Marathon

1:24:00 Joe Painter

1:49:01 Eva Hatfield

Fleet Half

1:41:38 Gerry Smith

Parkrun Corner

18:14 Izzy Brinsden (Fulham Palace)

18:43 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

19:15 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

19:17 Di Norman (Nonsuch) – first finisher

19:28 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

21:13 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

21:24 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

21:27 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch)

21:30 Bill Arbury (Cranleigh)

21:39 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch)

21:44 Jane Davies (Bushy)

23:12 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

23:21 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

23:30 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

24:00 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

26:05 Katie Hartgrove (Penrhyn)

26:13 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

27:41 Keith Walker (Reigate)

28:07 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

29:43 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)


A busy old weekend for the red and yellows with some superb results from the Intercounty cross country in Birmingham, the Surrey Half in Woking, Sportshall, Downs League and even a double win at Nonsuch! Busy, busy, busy!

Intercounties Cross Country

A absolutely huge congratulations to Harley Norman who won the U13 Intercounties – a phenomenal achievement!

Also well done to Izzy Brinsden who donned the Surrey vest yet again and came back with a bronze medal for the Surrey Senior Womens team for her efforts!

Surrey Half Marathon

1:18:41 Phil Mackie

Sportshall kicked off today – no results in yet but a great photo! (Courtesy of Stu Flack)image1 (1)

Downs League:


10th Joe Barber

17th Adam Booth

28th Sophie Lomas

29th Grace Fordham

30th Riona Stockley

43rd Jemma Flack

Final Boys Standings Overall 5th – 6th Adam Booth, 7th Joe Barber

Final Girls Standings Overall 3rd- 2nd Grace Fordham, 3rd Riona Stockley, 9th Jemma Flack



21st Jago Green

35th Amelia Henley

Final Boys Standings Overall 10th

Final Girls Standings Overall 10th



8th Dan Roffey

9th Isobel Stockley

19th Laura Howley

20th Alice Banfield

22nd Amy Catcheside

Final Boys Standings Overall 4th: 3rd Dan Roffey

Final Girls Standings Overall 4th: 5th Amy Catcheside


Parkrun Corner

16:12 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

18:51 Dan Wolff (Bushy)

19:05 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

20:39 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:48 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch) – first finisher

22:16 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

23:00 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

23:44 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

28:10 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

29:44 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

This weekend saw the English Schools Cross Country Championships – and I’m sure we had representatives but unfortunately the association are being a bit slow on the results front! Well done anyone who took part. As always if I haven’t picked up on your result from the weekend please drop me and email with all the details and I’ll make sure to get you in here!

Parkrun Corner

17:38 Ollie Garrod (Reigate) – first finisher

18:19 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:28 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

18:29 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

19:27 Daniel Johnson (Nonsuch)

19:41 James Carter (Southampton)

20:11 Tom Pocock (Kingston)

20:28 Adam Seabury (Banstead)

20:28 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch)

22:17 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

22:51 Jim Seabury (Banstead)

23:20 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

25:21 Sophie Lomas (Banstead)

27:02 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

27:16 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

29:01 Keith Walker (Banstead)

29:24 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

A frankly staggering 3rd place for Harley Norman this weekend- with E&E reaching the first podium at the National Cross Country Championships in many a year!

National Cross Country Championships

SW: 43rd Izzy Brinsden

U13B: 3rd Harley Norman


Kingston Half Marathon

2nd Ollie Garrod 1:12:55

530th Katie Garrod 1:49:42


Kingston 10K

19th Joe Painter 38:09


Brighton Half Marathon

They’re being a bit slow with the results on this one – well done to any Harriers who took the trip to the south coast!


Parkrun Corner

16:46 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch)

18:03 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:16 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:26 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:20 Alex Hawkins (Guildford)

19:55 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:11 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

21:12 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch)

21:15 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

22:11 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

22:21 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

23:22 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:24 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

26:37 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

26:49 Katie Hartgrove (Reading)

29:10 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

29:53 Keith Walker (Nonsuch) – pacing

A quiet weekend for the Harriers following on from the dramatic end to the Surrey League season of last weekend. As a reminder, both the mens and womens teams were promoted to Division 2 and Division 1 respectively.

Armagh 3K International Invitational

4th Rosie Clarke 9:21

Surrey County Indoor Championships

Senior Men: Dave Blunt 3rd Pole Vault 3m ; A J Bennetts 60m Heats 7.6

U20 Women: Morgan Morrison 2nd Triple Jump 8.77m

U13 Girls: Lara Chapman 7th Long Jump 3.11m

Downs League

U15 Girls:

4th Isobel Stockley 13:17

11th Alice Banfield 14:50

13th Amy Catcheside 16:49

U15 Boys:

11th Dan Roffey 13:21

U13 Girls:

21st Jemma Flack 20:03

U13 Boys:

25th Jago Green 14:01

Wokingham Half

1:41:40 Vanda Caulfield

1:50:14 Gerry Smith

Hampton Court Half

1:27:50 Joe Painter

Parkrun Corner

18:09 Rob Feline (Eastbourne)

18:44 Dan Wolff (Kingston) – first finisher

18:44 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:02 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch)

20:39 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:51 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch)

20:56 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

22:31 Jane Davies (Bushy)

22:31 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

23:22 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch)

23:31 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

25:27 Isabella Tenant (Bushy)

26:30 Keith Walker (Banstead)

26:58 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

27:05 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

29:50 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

A busy weekend for the Harriers with a hold load of vests out at the Surrey League fixtures and Valentine’s 10K

Surrey League Men’s Division 3, Lloyd Park – overall finish 2nd PROMOTION TO DIVISION 2!

3rd Ollie Garrod

5th Ben Standage

11th Rob Feline

14th Will Clark

22nd Phil Mackie

28th Stu Flack

39th Dan Wolff

41st Simon Bean

52nd Alex Hawkins

58th Bill Arbury

67th Jeff Butler

90th Rob Adnitt

96th Gerry Smith

99th Joe Linsley

107th Gareth George

Junior Men to be announced

Surrey Women’s League Division 2, Richmond Park- overall finish 3rd PROMOTION TO DIVISION 1!

3rd Izzy Brinsden

15th Di Norman

18th Marta Cecconi

25th Vanda Caulfield

36th Eva Hatfield

38th Jane Davies

41st Helen Macguire

100th Tina Woods

136th Katrina Fidler

Junior Women

35th Abby Graham-Maw


Valentine’s 10K, Chessington

33:06 Ollie Garrod (3rd)

40:45 Alan Ezen (47th)

41:13 James Carter (53rd)

41:26 Mark Goodwin (60th)

43:51 Dave Shelton (92st)

44:50 Jane Davies (103rd)

46:04 Morgan Morrison (128th)

48:29 Martin Clotherty (170th)

53:30 Keith Walker (275th)

54:31 Marion Jakeman (296th)

60:01 Susan Blunt (392nd)


Parkrun Corner

17:10 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher!

20:07 Isobel Stockley (Dulwich) – first woman!

21:51 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

22:15 Julia Machin (Preston Park, Brighton)

23:03 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

26:22 Katie Hartgrove (Woodley)

42:01 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

A reminder that next week sees the crucial final round of fixtures in the Surrey Cross Country League – attendance is obligatory if at all possible, parkrun substitutes will be very much frowned upon!

Chichester 10K

122nd Will Clark 36:40

Parkrun Corner

17:35 Ollie Garrod (Gloucester North) – first finisher and new course record holder

18:22 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:38 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:55 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

20:04 James Carter (Kingston)

21:06 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

22:11 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

22:22 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch)

22:49 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

22:54 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

23:38 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch)

24:43 Sophie Lomas (Banstead)

27:02 Katie Hartgrove (Reading)

27:14 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

28:04 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

28:26 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

29:11 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

29:56 Lydia Orsborn (Nonsuch)

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