An absolutely huge congratulations to our superstar athlete Rosie Clarke, who on Sunday became British Champion over steeplechase!

13529258_10153749872422916_7226765031626878550_nHer performance has nabbed her a spot in the European Championships

Ollie Garrod also ran 100 miles in aid of Alzheimer’s Society finishing despite the withdrawl of his companion in 22 hours and 7 minutes. The fundraising website will be left open for another month so please do dig deep if you can at;

British Athletics Championships, Sunday 26th June

3000m steeplechase: Rosie Clarke 9:52.20

Parkrun Corner

18:21 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

19:54 Di Norman (Riddlesdown) – first woman13507211_10208218606375561_5416307075857708179_n

20:49 Jim Seabury (Riddlesdown)

20:55 Bill Arbury (Cranleigh)

21:09 Carel du Plessis (Banstead)

21:11 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch) – first woman

21:24 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

21:30 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

21:43 Emily Hughes (Long Eaton)

21:57 Sharmila Franks (Nonsuch)

22:58 Jane Davies (Riddlesdown)

23:14 Vanda Caulfield (Riddlesdown)

23:17 Gerry Smith (Riddlesdown)

23:38 Laura Gillen (Wimbledon)

23:43 Martin Cloherty (Bushy)

25:02 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch)

25:48 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:32 Zac Barker (Nonsuch)

26:37 Charlotte Mason (Nonsuch)

27:48 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

30:57 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

33:04 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

34:21 Rachel Coleshill (Nonsuch)

Busy weekend for all in red and yellow with the Southern Athletics League, Richmond 10K and the 250th Nonsuch parkrun!

SAL, Gillingham

A close 2nd (of 5) to a very strong Medway side

A message from Ian “Well done to everyone who competed, judged and supported our athletes today. We were second out of five teams – with great achievements all round! A select number of debut events for some of the men: Marcus Levett, hammer; Stuart Flack, javelin; Philip Mackie, 110mH!. A number of personal bests too.”

By my reckonings that means we’re very much at the tasty end of the league – with 2 fixtures to go we could well bounce straight back up to Division 2 at the first time of asking!

Richmond 10K – Surrey League inc Surrey 10K Championships – some very impressive results, especially with a number of us “doubling up” from the SAL

5th Ollie Garrod  33:29 (3rd in Surrey)

89th Simon Bean 38:09

103rd Izzy Brinsden 38:58

225th Chloe Bean 43:32

226th Rob Adnitt 43:26

234th Sharmila Franks 43:45

254th Vanda Caulfield 44:41

258th Laura Gillen 44:44

267th Jane Davies 45:01

Parkrun Corner

16:42 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:25 Steve Winder (Nonsuch)

19:27 Isobel Stockley (Bushy)

20:14 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch) – first woman

20:58 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:14 Jim Seabury (Nonsuch)

21:25 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

22:04 David Howell (Nonsuch)

22:22 Jane Davies (Bushy)

24:20 Andrew Gibson (Banbury)

24:21 Zac Barker (Nonsuch)

25:34 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

28:18 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

29:27 Keith Walker (Banstead)

30:05 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

31:18 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

35:52 Rachel Coleshill (Nonsuch)

37:06 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

45:13 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch) – tail runner

Apologies for the lack of a roundup last week – accountancy exams look over!

Dorking 10 (5th June)

1:07:21 Simon Bean

1:08:22 Izzy Brinsden

1:10:25 Marta Cecconi

1:12:35 Helen MacGuire

1:15:17 Laura Gillen

1:15:21 Jane Davies

1:15:36 Sharmila Franks

1:17:39 Vanda Caulfield


Tour of Epsom

20th David Howell

26th Jane Davies (1st vet)

27th Gerry Smith (1st vet)

46th Tina Woods

74th Susan Blunt


Polesden Lacey 10K

41:19 Simon Bean

47:06 Chloe Bean


Parkrun Corner

16:14 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch, 4th)

16:22 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch, 11th) – first finisher

16:53 Steve Winder (Guildford, 11th) – first finisher

17:02 Philip Mackie (Nonsuch, 11th)

18:17 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch, 4th)

18:35 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch, 11th)

18:56 Tom Pocock (Richmond, 4th)

19:15 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch, 4th)

19:19 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch, 11th)

19:33 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch, 11th)

19:38 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch, 11th)

19:51 Di Norman (Riddlesdown, 11th)

19:57 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch, 11th) – first woman

20:11 Jim Seabury (Swansea, 4th)

20:17 Joe Linsley (Fulham Palace, 11th)

20:24 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch, 4th)

20:29 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch, 4th) – first woman

20:32 Jeff Butler (Bideford, 4th)

20:35 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch, 4th)

20:49 David Howell (Nonsuch, 4th)

20:57 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple, 11th)

21:25 Dan Wolff (Tring, 11th)

21:30 Jim Seabury (Banstead, 11th)

21:34 David Howell (Nonsuch, 11th)

21:34 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch, 11th)

21:38 William Marratt (Nonsuch, 11th)

21:59 Vanda Caulfield (Wimbledon, 4th)

22:59 Gerry Smith (Wimbledon, 4th)

23:01 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch, 11th)

23:34 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch, 4th)

24:07 Michael Standage (Nonsuch, 4th)

24:18 Richard Somers (Nonsuch, 4th)

24:26 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch, 11th)

25:01 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch, 11th)

26:25 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch, 4th)

27:12 Keith Walker (Banstead, 4th)

27:14 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch, 11th)

27:52 Marion Jakeman (Chichester, 11th)

27:54 Paul Wolff (Tring, 4th)

28:02 Katie Hartgrove (Reading, 4th)

29:44 Alfie Jones (Abindgon, 11th)

31:56 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch, 11th)

34:54 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch, 11th)

34:54 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch, 4th)

40:31 Chris Glencross (Harrogate, 4th)

45:29 Keith Walker (Nonsuch, 11th) – tail runner

Woodman 5 (Wednesday)

1st Steve Winder 29:40

3rd Alex Hawkins 32:14

5th Simon Bean 32:55

6th Chris Glencross 34:09

10th Di Norman 34:35

14th Bill Arbury 35:19

19th Chloe Bean 36:42

24th David Howell 38:07

26th Jane Davies 38:39

27th Sharmila Franks 38:57

30th Gerry Smith 39:23

60th Tina Woods 45:42

61st Vanda Caulfield 45:42

72nd Sue Boyman 50:00

Mundays 5K (Wednesday)

16:09 Ollie Garrod

Parkrun Corner

16:19 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

18:00 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch)

18:19 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

18:53 Conrad Norman (Riddlesdown)

19:37 Di Norman (Riddlesdown) – first finisher

20:26 Jim Seabury (Riddlesdown)

20:30 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch)

20:34 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch)

20:42 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

20:51 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

20:53 David Howell (Nonsuch)

21:04 Sharmila Franks (Riddlesdown)

21:18 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

21:32 Vanda Caulfield (Riddlesdown)

21:51 Gerry Smith (Riddlesdown)

22:50 Sophie Lomas (St Albans)

23:41 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

24:28 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

26:20 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

26:55 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

27:19 Ben Hines (Nonsuch)

27:20 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

27:41 Zoe Double (Nonsuch)

27:42 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)

30:01 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

33:19 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Well done to all our competitors from today’s Southern Athletics League in Wimbledon and thanks to all our volunteers and supporters – a very successful afternoon!

Unfortunately no results are out from today yet but they’ll go up here once they’re out!

Hogsmill 5

44:58 Marion Jakeman

50:44 Sue Blunt

Parkrun Corner

16:12 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:13 Steve Winder (Guildford) – first finisher

18:15 Dan Wolff (Kingston)

18:24 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

18:41 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

19:04 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)

19:55 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:37 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

20:37 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

20:39 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

20:55 David Howell (Nonsuch)

21:00 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:25 Laura Gillen (Nonsuch)

21:30 Jim Seabury (Banstead)

21:47 Jane Davies (Nonsuch)

22:03 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

22:31 James Carter (Bushy)

22:35 Sam Ellis (Banstead)

22:39 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch)

22:40 William Marratt (Banstead)

23:08 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

23:54 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch)

24:03 Paul Wolff (Kingston)

26:13 Charlotte Mason (Cranleigh)

26:44 Katie Hartgrove (Banstead)

31:06 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

33:22 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Busy old weekend with the Surrey Champs – as yet only the Saturday results are out. but well done to all who competed today too!

North Downs Way 50

11th Rob Feline 8hrs 1m 37s

Surrey County Champs – unfortunately only the Saturday results are out to date (below):

Seniors: Ian Frankish Hammer 40.19, Shot 12.86 ; Di Norman 800m 2:14.42 (2nd)  LJ 5.16 (2nd) Hammer 28.66 (2nd) ; Naomi Leane 800m 2:16.15 (3rd)

U17: Matthew Dyer 200m 25.58

U15: Noah St Cyr 100m 14.57 ; Lauren Flack 800m 2:35.4 ; Isobel Stockley  1500m 5:09.16 ; Alice Banfield 1500m 5:55.97

U13: Josh Brown Javellin 12.69

Ebbisham League Roundup:

A terrific result from the first Ebbisham league match held at Walton on the 8th May on a very hot day.  We came first with a score of 164 by a margin of 16 points. There was a good turn out with 20 boys competing, 15 of which were competing for the first time!

Highlight – Harley Norman 800m 2:05

Parkrun Corner

16:19 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

18:04 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:05 Dan Wolff (Kingston)

18:19 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:37 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:46 David Howell (Bushy)

21:03 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

21:11 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

21:56 Jane Davies (Nonsuch)

22:04 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

22:10 Jim Seabury (Banstead)

24:15 Paul Wolff (Kingston)

25:03 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:08 Charlotte Mason (Cranleigh)

26:59 Katie Hartgrove (Reading)

27:17 Graham Caulder (Bushy)

27:55 Keith Walker (Wimbledon)

28:52 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

29:56 Susan Blunt (Banstead)

33:01 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

First an omission from a couple of weeks back, admittedly this was on another continent!

A huge well done to Rosie Clarke, our GB superstar athlete who broke the Surrey County 3K Steeplechase (and of course this clubs) record running 9:54.82 within the Payton Jordan Invitational out in Palo Alto, California.

Well done to our competitors in the Ebbisham League, Walton this afternoon – unfortunately no results forthcoming yet – please send them on if any of you get them first!


Sutton 10K, Sunday 8th May

1st Ollie Garrod 34;23

76th Simon Bean 41:30

166th Rob Adnitt 46:01

189th Chloe Bean 47:22 (33rd woman)

Parkrun Corner

16:18 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:54 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:19 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch)

18:44 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

19:11 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

19:57 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:01 Tom Pocock (Crane Park)

20:16 Jeff Butler (Bideford)

21:04 Emily Hughes (Long Eaton)

21:20 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

21:32 Jim Seabury (Druridge Bay)

21:44 David Howell (Nonsuch)

21:50 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

21:51 Jane Davies (Bushy)

21:59 Gerry Smith (Riddlesdown)

23:23 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

24:43 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

26:18 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

27:52 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

27:55 Keith Walker (Banstead Woods)

29:47 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

34:04 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Hope you’re all enjoying the 3 day weekend! Well done to anyone who competed in the Lily B League fixture this weekend – can’t seem to track down results yet, but if you spot them please do send them my way! A few other bits to report….

Richmond Half Marathon, incorporating the Surrey Half Marathon Championships

Only 2 Harriers competed over the Richmond Half this year – meaning unfortunately no team score but good result for both Ollie (taking the title), and Rob getting a season’s best run. The next fixture in the Surrey Road League is next weekend – the Sutton 10K

1:12:06 Ollie Garrod – 1st

1:37 :09 Rob Adnitt – 197th


Hurstbourne Tarrant 5m XC (near Andover) 30 April

A great run from Bill (our newest committee member!) at what is probably the last cross country race of the season;

Bill Arbury – 21st – 36:55


Parkrun Corner

16:28 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:43 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch)

18:04 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

19:14 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

19:20 Simon Bean (Havant)

19:24 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

19:31 Di Norman (Bromley)

20:23 Jim Seabury (St Albans)

20:36 Marta Cecconi (Winchester) – first finisher

20:36 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

20:50 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

21:01 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch)

21:57 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

22:25 Alan Bates (Nonsuch)

22:52 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

24:07 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

24:27 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:21 Katie Hartgrove (Northampton)

26:49 Tom Pocock (Market Harborough)

28:08 Charlotte Mason (Cranleigh)

29:32 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

31:01 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

31:28 Katrina Fidler (Nonsuch)

34:15 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch)

Actually a reasonably quiet weekend for the club – presumably taking some well deserved feet up time after the SAL victory last weekend! Incidentally that result puts us in 2nd place (out of 16) in the league table – let’s hope that’s how things end up come August!

A handful of Harriers took to the streets of London today for the London Marathon and Mini-Marathon – a mightily impressive result from Harley Norman taking top spot in the U13 race! Being a regions and boroughs race it’s pretty hard to tease out E&E runners but well done to anyone else who took on the 3 mile version.

London Marathon

2:37:03 Ollie Garrod

3:12:26 Chris Glencross

3:18:03 Marta Cecconi

3:33:53 Vanda Caulfield

4:16:09 Steven Laws

Parkrun Corner

16:56 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher!

17:39 Steve Winder (Guildford)

18:15 Izzy Brinsden (Fulham Palace) – first finisher!

18:43 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

18:46 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:51 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

20:22 Di Norman (Riddlesdown) – first finisher!

20:41 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

20:44 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

20:45 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:50 Bill Arbury (Reading)

21:38 Jim Seabury (Banstead)

21:48 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

22:09 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch)

23:01 Alan Bates (Nonsuch)

23:50 Martin Cloherty (Bushy)

24:26 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

25:04 Sophie Lomas (Banstead)

26:20 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

27:11 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

27:54 Keith Walker (Richmond)

29:09 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

A fantastic weekend for E&E winning the first of our Southern Athletics League meetings in Kingston!

E&E AGM will be held on Monday 25th April at 7:45pm, all invited to attend – we don’t just want “the regulars” yet again!

Firstly some results from the East Surrey League meet in Ewell a few weeks back;

Seniors (overall winners):

3rd Phil Mackie, 7th Adam Seabury, 11th Stu Flack, 13th Alex Hawkins, 18th Simon Bean, 19th Mark Goodwin, 22nd Di Norman, 24th Matt Houghton, 28th Marta Cecconi, 29th Bill Arbury, 32nd Vanda Caulfield, 39th Dave Howell, 40th Jane Davies, 43rd Gerry Smith, 44th Gareth George, 51st Charlotte Mason


1st Harley Norman, 31st Jago Green, 44th Laura Howley, 50th Alice Banfield, 51st Lauren Flack, 59th Abby Graham-Maw

SAL, Kingsmeadow – a huge thank you to all who supported, officiated or competed for the club

Luke Morley – Mens 100m 12.2 (2nd), Mens 200m 25.0 (2nd)

Matthew Dyer – Mens 100m 12.5, Mens 200m 25.5, Mens Triple Jump 10.36, Mens Javelin 30.4

Daniel Wolff – Mens 400m 56.2 (2nd), Mens 800m 2.12.1 (2nd)

Marcus Levett – Mens 400m 56.7, Mens High Jump 1.60 (3rd), Mens Long Jump 4.17 (3rd)

Stu Flack – Mens 800m 2.14.1, Mens 1500m 4:36.7 (2nd), Mens Long Jump 3.19

Phil Mackie – Mens 1500m 4.48.9, Mens 5000m 16.55.9

Ollie Garrod – Mens 5000m 16.02.00 (1st) 

Matt Houghton – Mens 400H 86.2 (3rd), Mens 2000 Steeplechase 8.43.7 (3rd)

Daniel Johnson – Mens 400H 89.8

Andy Faye – Mens 2000m Steeplechase 9.04.1

Dave Blunt – Mens High Jump 1.40m, Mens Pole Vault 1.11

John Andrews – Mens Pole Vault 3.70 (1st)

Matthew Pullan – Mens Triple Jump 11.42 (2nd)

Ian Frankish – Mens Shot Putt 12.56 (1st), Mens Discuss 32.94 (2nd), Mens Hammer 42.93 (1st), Mens Javelin 37.08 (2nd)

Mark Alden – Mens Shot Putt 9.13, Mens Discuss 21.49, Mens Hammer 17.9

Angela Bates – Womens 100m 14.2 (3rd)

Rachel Waters – Womens 100m 14.9, Womens 200m 31.5

Felicity Brown – Womens 200m 29.9 (3rd), Womens Long Jump 4.27

Naomi Lenane – Womens 400m 63.3 (2nd), Womens 800m 2.21.7

Katrina Fidler – Womens 400m 65.5, Womens 400mH 81.0 (3rd)

Di Norman – Womens 800m 2.20.6 (1st), Womens 2000m Steeplechase 8.08.9 (1st), Womens High Jump 1.55 (3rd), Womens Long Jump 5.17m, Womens Shot Putt 10.88 (1st), Womens Javelin 30.98 (1st)

Izzy Brinsden – Womens 1500m 4.58.0 (1st), Womens 3000m 10.38.7 (1st)

Emily Alden – Womens 1500 5.17.4, Womens 3000m 11.19.2

Emily Planeta-Paine – Womens 400mH 85.8, Womens High Jump 1.20

Sue Dassie – Womens Pole Vault 1.80 (2nd), Womens Triple Jump 6.38 (2nd)

Jo Bennett – Womens Triple Jump 5.89, Womens Shott Putt 9.17, Womens Discus 22.79 (2nd), Womens Hammer 30.53 (2nd)

Wendy Dunsford – Womens Discus 21.35, Womens Hammer 25.89

Liz Sissons – Womens Javelin 17.50

Parkrun Corner

17:17 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch)

18:01 Adam Seabury (Kingston)

20:43 Jack Smillie (Nonsuch)

20:50 Jim Seabury (Kingston)

20:53 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch) – first finisher

20:58 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch)

21:27 Vanda Caulfield (Kingston) – first finisher

22:08 Gerry Smith (Kingston)

24:02 Sophie Lomas (Nonsuch)

24:14 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

27:48 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

27:59 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

29:53 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

29:55 Keith Walker (Roundshaw)

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