13 Jul 2014

Welcome Pack

The Weclome Pack is now available and should be read by all members.  All new members will be required to read and sign up to the club’s code of conduct as part of their application to the Epsom and Ewell Harriers.As part of your application to join the club you will be asked to sign up to these codes of conduct. The welcome pack can be found on the Epsom and Ewell Harriers website, to find the pack go to the ‘Membership‘ page

This weekend saw the culmination of the Surrey Cross Country League for all our respective teams.

The headlines: Women finished up 8th (remain in Div 1), Men finished up 6th in Division 2 (remain in Div 2), our U15/17 Boys finished 12th, U13 Boys finished up 15th, U13 Girls finished up 3rd, U15 Girls finished up 3rd, U17 Girls ended up 4th. Excellent results all round.

Full results here: https://surreyleague.org/

Special congratulations to Izzy Brinsden, who’s phenomenal win on Farthing Downs was the club’s first first-finisher since 2008! And a huge thank you once again to all team managers for organising our teams across all 4 fixtures.

Valentines 10K (Sunday)- well done to Dan Johnson and Keith Walker, representing the club in 26.2 Road Runners annual race in Chessington

Parkrun Corner:

16:24 Ollie Garrod (Richmond)

18:51 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)

21:12 Zoe West (Southampton)

22:54 Barry Gerhold (Riddlesdown)

23:22 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch)

23:47 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

24:44 Natalie Bradbury (Riddlesdown)

25:23 Richard Somers (Nonsuch)

25:30 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

27:26 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

27:47 Emily Hughes (Kingston)

29:10 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

33:37 Sarah Donovan (Banstead)

34:55 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)


This weekend saw the South of England Cross Country Championships on Parliament Hill, Hamptead Heath. Ground conditions weren’t quite a tough as some years, though I think all of us had a decent coating of mud. The hills were as steep and frequent as ever! Particularly outstanding performances from Izzy Brinsden (7th Senior Woman) and Kiara Valkenburg (12th U13 Girl)

Senior Men (15KM)

81st O Garrod, 586th A Bloore, 704th C Du Plessis

Senior Women (8KM)

7th I Brinsden, 80th D Norman, 178th M Cecconi

U20 Women

52nd M Morrison

U15 Boys

21st Harley Norman, 156th H Smith

U13 Boys

274th J Green, 303rd J Goldby

U13 Girls

12th K Valkenburg, 97th S Lomas, 151st R Stockley, 190th I Brown

Vale Gallop 10K

135th Alexandra Payne, 146th Susan Blunt

Parkrun Corner

16:21 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

18:04 Steve Winder (Guildford)

18:06 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:16 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:31 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

18:56 Chris Ryans (Nonsuch)

19:28 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)

20:41 Barry Gerhold (Nonsuch)

21:22 Aneta Skrezna (Nonsuch)

21:40 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:50 Dave Howell (Bushy)

22:14 Jim Seabury (Homewood)

22:20 Laura Howley (Bushy)

22:29 Bryn Morgan (Banstead)

22:55 Sam Ellis (Nonsuch)

23:21 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

24:00 Natalie Bradbury (Nonsuch)

24:36 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

24:37 Vanda Caulfield (Homewood) – first woman

25:08 Connor Backhouse (Tilgate)

25:19 Gerry Smith (Tilgate)

26:10 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

27:51 Emily Hughes (Kingston)

31:14 Sarah Donnovan (Banstead)

31:21 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

31:35 Rachel Waters (Nonsuch)

31:36 Richard Somers (Nonsuch)

32:00 Alexandra Hopkins (Nonsuch)

32:00 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

32:51 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Surrey Schools Championships

This weekend saw the Surrey Schools Champs – a real eyeopener to some of the great talent coming through the ranks at E&E. Well done to all who ran!

Roundup courtesy of Stu Flack:

“Well done to all the Harriers representing their districts at the Surrey Schools.
Some fantastic performances including a gold medal 🏅 for Harley in the junior boys race, Sophie 16th in the year 7 girls, Kiara 7th and Lily 14th in the junior girls, and Isobel 14th in the inter girls👏🏻
Congratulations to all of the following who ran brilliantly against the best runners in Surrey!
Year 7 girls
16 Sophie Lomas
24 Lydia Orsborn
40 Iris Brown
62 Hermione Ford
Junior girls
7 Kiara Valkenburg
14 Lily Pearson
30 Charlotte Thame
76 Freya Staddle
Inter Girls
14 Isobel Stockley
32 Lauren Flack
33 Laura Howley
36 Lucy Fisher
39 Alice Banfield
Senior girls
23 Morgan Morrison
Junior boys
1 Harley Norman
39 Henry Smith
Inter boys
Harry Aboud (not seen results yet)
Sorry if I’ve missed anyone!
Awaiting results from a number of races including Denbies 10 – please let me know if I’ve missed anyone’s performance off as a result.
Next weekend see’s the annual pilgrimage to Parliament Hill for the Southern Cross Country Championships!
Parkrun Corner
16:21 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher
18:15 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)
18:28 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)
18:36 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)
18:44 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)
18:58 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch) – first woman
21:19 Zoe West (Southampton)
21:54 Jago Green (Banstead)
22:23 Natalie Bradbury (Riddlesdown)
22:38 Barry Gerhold (Riddlesdown)
23:22 Jane Davies (Bushy)
23:46 Emily Hughes (Kingston)
24:30 Sam Ellis (Banstead)
26:13 Zoe Double (Nonsuch)
26:26 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)
27:47 Keith Walker (Wimbledon)
28:41 Richard Somers (Nonsuch)
30:04 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)
31:00 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)
32:04 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

We’re back! Thanks to Tony Paine, I’m please to report a (hopefully!) fully functioning website once again. Please do let us know if you encounter any issues.

Unfortunately won’t be able to backdate all the various races and news from December and 2017 so far, so it’s clean slate time.

Surrey League – Ladies and Girls – Saturday, Lloyd Park

Unfortunately appears to be a bit of a lag on the result for this, hope to update in the week or next weekend. Well done to all our runners nonetheless.

Surrey League – Men (Richmond Park) and Boys (Mitcham)

Appears to be a similar lag on the result from the boys race.

Despite valiant runs from all the seniors team we finished bottom of the division in round 3 of the Surrey League. The game is certainly still on though with just a couple of handfuls of points separating ourselves and Kingston & Poly. We do need all guns blazing (and perhaps a bit of luck!) for the final fixture in Lloyd Park on February 11th.

The team in running order: Ollie Garrod, Steve Winder, Stu Flack, Dan Wolff, Alex Gurteen, Chris Ryans, Simon Bean, Carel du Plessis, Christian Glencross, Alastair Bloore, Jim Seabury, Alex Hawkins, Joe Linsley, Guy Laister, Gareth George, Gerry Smith and Michael Standage. Well done all!

Parkrun Corner

16:55 Ollie Garrod (Banstead) – first finisher

20:56 Barry Gerhold (Riddlesdown)

21:12 Chloe Bean (Finsbury) – first finisher

21:25 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:51 David Howell (Bushy)

24:36 Emily Hughes (Kingston)

27:57 Keith Walker (Banstead)

28:09 Emily McIlwain

Unfortunately due to ongoing issues with the running of this website the weekly roundup will for the moment be put on hold. Sorry!

16 Nov 2016

Epsom 10 Results

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who made this event a huge success once again!


See you all again next year!

Well done to all our junior’s who competed in the Bruce Judd Cross Country relays in Guildford on Saturday including Sam Ellis, Adam Coates, Kiara Valkenburg, Lara Chapman, Lily Pearson, Lauren Flack, Alice Banfield, Abby Graham-Maw, Emma Jardine, Katy Rowe and Laura Howley.

Also well done to our runners in the first of the Surrey Classic 10K’s at Oxshott on Sunday

A reminder that it is 2 weeks until the Epsom 10 miler – please scroll down this news feed to find more details.

Parkrun Corner

16:52 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:25 Will Clark (Penrose)

18:29 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)

18:30 Alex Hawkins (Guildford)

18:47 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:14 Chris Ryan (Nonsuch)

19:20 Dan Roffey (Nonsuch)

19:33 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch)

19:55 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:37 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

22:25 Sharmila Franks (Richmond)

22:26 Julia Machin (Brighton)

23:01 Gerry Smith (Richmond)

23:11 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

26:10 Zoe Double (Nonsuch)

26:25 Emily Hughes (Kingston)

26:33 Sue Boyman (Canning River, Australia)

30:10 Rachel Waters (Nonsuch)

33:10 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

35:28 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Apologies for the lack of roundups over the past few weeks – had a few technical issues with our website, but we look to be up and running again!

So, a whistle stop tour through the last month

2nd October – Lyon Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, some great performances from the team of 15 out in France

9th October – Founders Challenge Orienteering – won by Sue Boyman, Sue Blunt and Marion Jakeman

9th October – Croydon Switchback – won by Ollie Garrod

15th October – Surrey Cross Country League Men and Women, some very good performances men 6th in Div 2 and women 9th in Div 1

16th October – Brighton 10 – Ollie Garrod 5th

22nd October – Surrey Masters Cross Country Champs – M60 won by Andy Fay, W65 won by Jane Davies – some great support runs too

23rd October – Chris Glencross 2:57 at Abingdon Marathon (first time sub 3!)

Finally a thank you for all Epsom Guardian have done in helping

Copenhagen Half Marathon (18 Sept)

1:10;17 Ollie Garrod

Croydon Switchback 5 

27:49 Ollie Garrod – winner

Parkrun Corner

15:54 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch – 24th) – first finisher

16:12 Ollie Garrod (Faelledparken, Copenhagen – 17th) – first finisher

17:01 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch – 17th) – first finisher

17:12 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch – 24th)

18:01 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch – 17th)

18:43 Will Clark (Worthing – 24th)

18:44 Daniel Wolff (Nonsuch – 17th)

18:46 Daniel Wolff (Nonsuch – 24th)

18:52 Simon Bean (Nonsuch – 24th)

18:59 Daniel Roffey (Nonsuch – 24th)

19:08 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch – 17th)

19:09 Daniel Roffey (Nonsuch – 17th)

19:10 Carel du Plessis (Banstead – 24th)

19:24 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch – 24th)

20:01 Isobel Stockley (Bushy – 24th)

20:05 Matthew Houghton (Nonsuch – 17th)

20:05 Marta Cecconi (Banstead – 24th)

20:15 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch – 17th) – first woman finisher

20:22 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch – 24th)

20:23 Jim Seabury (Telford – 24th)

20:46 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple – 24th)

20:56 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple – 17th)

21:27 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch – 17th)

21:30 Jane Davies (Bushy – 24th)

21:39 Bill Arbury (Bedgebury Pinetum – 24th)

22:09 Tom Pocock (Kingston – 17th)

22:40 Sharmilla Franks (Banstead – 24th)

22:47 Lauren Flack (Nonsuch – 17th)

23:13 Gerry Smith (Banstead – 24th)

23:20 Michael Standage (Nonsuch – 24th)

23:37 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch – 24th)

24:03 Sophie Lomas (Nonsuch – 17th)

24:21 Laura Howley (Bushy – 24th)

25:17 Alechia Van Wyk (Nonsuch – 17th)

25:25 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch – 24th)

25:42 Alechia Van Wyk (Banstead – 24th)

25:56 Zoe Double (Nonsuch – 17th)

26:01 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch – 17th)

26:20 Zoe Double (Nonsuch – 24th)

26:46 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch – 24th)

27:01 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch – 24th)

27:09 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch – 17th)

27:42 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch – 24th)

29:56 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch – 24th)

30:40 Keith Walker (Nonsuch – 17th)

30:50 Katrina Fidler (Nonsuch – 17th)

33:50 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch – 24th)

35:02 Keith Walker (Nonsuch – 24th)

45:09 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch – 17th) – tail runner

Well done to all who competed in the Surrey Combined Events Championships at the David Weir Leisure Centre over the weekend – results yet to ping through but I’m sure you’ve all excelled yourselves as per. Also well done to any competitors in the BMAF Championships.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT RE EPSOM 10 – the date has been changed due to unforseen circumstances to 13th November (previously 20th November), I’m told all previous entries will be automatically defaulted to the new date.

Next weekend see’s “E&E takeover Nonsuch parkrun” – please do get involved in our local parkrun, this is a great chance to give back to an event which gives us all a great start to the weekend every week.

Parkrun Corner

16:38 Ollie Garrod (Crane) – first finisher

17:04 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch)

18:16 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:46 Daniel Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:58 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:20 Tom Pocock (Banstead)

19:26 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch)

20:02 Dave Howell (Nonsuch)

20:23 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:37 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

21:00 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

22:32 Lucy Drummond (Nonsuch)

22:35 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

23:38 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

24:12 Phoebe Dunbar (Nonsuch)

25:18 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch)

26:53 Zoe Double (Nonsuch)

26:54 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

26:56 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

28:24 Keith Walker (Banstead)

29:09 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

30:46 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

33:58 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

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