13 Jul 2014

Welcome Pack

The Weclome Pack is now available and should be read by all members.  All new members will be required to read and sign up to the club’s code of conduct as part of their application to the Epsom and Ewell Harriers.As part of your application to join the club you will be asked to sign up to these codes of conduct. The welcome pack can be found on the Epsom and Ewell Harriers website, to find the pack go to the ‘Membership‘ page

Copenhagen Half Marathon (18 Sept)

1:10;17 Ollie Garrod

Croydon Switchback 5 

27:49 Ollie Garrod – winner

Parkrun Corner

15:54 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch – 24th) – first finisher

16:12 Ollie Garrod (Faelledparken, Copenhagen – 17th) – first finisher

17:01 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch – 17th) – first finisher

17:12 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch – 24th)

18:01 Alex Hawkins (Nonsuch – 17th)

18:43 Will Clark (Worthing – 24th)

18:44 Daniel Wolff (Nonsuch – 17th)

18:46 Daniel Wolff (Nonsuch – 24th)

18:52 Simon Bean (Nonsuch – 24th)

18:59 Daniel Roffey (Nonsuch – 24th)

19:08 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch – 17th)

19:09 Daniel Roffey (Nonsuch – 17th)

19:10 Carel du Plessis (Banstead – 24th)

19:24 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch – 24th)

20:01 Isobel Stockley (Bushy – 24th)

20:05 Matthew Houghton (Nonsuch – 17th)

20:05 Marta Cecconi (Banstead – 24th)

20:15 Isobel Stockley (Nonsuch – 17th) – first woman finisher

20:22 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch – 24th)

20:23 Jim Seabury (Telford – 24th)

20:46 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple – 24th)

20:56 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple – 17th)

21:27 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch – 17th)

21:30 Jane Davies (Bushy – 24th)

21:39 Bill Arbury (Bedgebury Pinetum – 24th)

22:09 Tom Pocock (Kingston – 17th)

22:40 Sharmilla Franks (Banstead – 24th)

22:47 Lauren Flack (Nonsuch – 17th)

23:13 Gerry Smith (Banstead – 24th)

23:20 Michael Standage (Nonsuch – 24th)

23:37 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch – 24th)

24:03 Sophie Lomas (Nonsuch – 17th)

24:21 Laura Howley (Bushy – 24th)

25:17 Alechia Van Wyk (Nonsuch – 17th)

25:25 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch – 24th)

25:42 Alechia Van Wyk (Banstead – 24th)

25:56 Zoe Double (Nonsuch – 17th)

26:01 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch – 17th)

26:20 Zoe Double (Nonsuch – 24th)

26:46 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch – 24th)

27:01 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch – 24th)

27:09 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch – 17th)

27:42 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch – 24th)

29:56 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch – 24th)

30:40 Keith Walker (Nonsuch – 17th)

30:50 Katrina Fidler (Nonsuch – 17th)

33:50 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch – 24th)

35:02 Keith Walker (Nonsuch – 24th)

45:09 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch – 17th) – tail runner

Well done to all who competed in the Surrey Combined Events Championships at the David Weir Leisure Centre over the weekend – results yet to ping through but I’m sure you’ve all excelled yourselves as per. Also well done to any competitors in the BMAF Championships.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT RE EPSOM 10 – the date has been changed due to unforseen circumstances to 13th November (previously 20th November), I’m told all previous entries will be automatically defaulted to the new date.

Next weekend see’s “E&E takeover Nonsuch parkrun” – please do get involved in our local parkrun, this is a great chance to give back to an event which gives us all a great start to the weekend every week.

Parkrun Corner

16:38 Ollie Garrod (Crane) – first finisher

17:04 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch)

18:16 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:46 Daniel Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:58 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:20 Tom Pocock (Banstead)

19:26 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch)

20:02 Dave Howell (Nonsuch)

20:23 Matt Houghton (Nonsuch)

20:37 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

21:00 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

22:32 Lucy Drummond (Nonsuch)

22:35 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

23:38 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

24:12 Phoebe Dunbar (Nonsuch)

25:18 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch)

26:53 Zoe Double (Nonsuch)

26:54 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

26:56 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

28:24 Keith Walker (Banstead)

29:09 Marion Jakeman (Nonsuch)

30:46 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch)

33:58 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts in August – Olympics, summer and life took over slightly! Back to the routine now!!

In summary, some excellent results at the SAL but not quite enough to see us go up – finishing a narrow 4th place. We also had some decent performances in the last few of the Surrey Road League.

So to this weekend’s performances….


Sue Boyman – vets team manager claiming the silverware!

Southern Vets Champs, Ashford

Superb performance by our ladys vets team, taking the title! Even the closure of the M20/M25 couldn’t stop the team, claiming 241 points to Dartfords 221 with Winchester 3rd in 188. Perhaps even more impressively, Julia Machin broke the womens UK V45 high jump record with a jump of 1.65.

Surrey Road Relays, Wimbledon

A huge turnout as the standard precursor before we take to the hills for the start of the cross season. The women claimed silver, a fantastic achievement second only to a packed SLH side. In the men’s race we managed 9th – some more distant from and even more impressive front end (the SLH men’s team running the 3rd fastest time in the event’s history). Fastest E&E man Ollie Garrod and woman Izzy Brinsden

Parkrun Corner

16:08 Ollie Garrod (Old Deer) – first finisher

17:14 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch)

18:51 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

19:27 Tom Pocock (Wimbledon Common)

21:01 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:45 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch)

23:40 Phoebe Dunbar (Nonsuch)

23:45 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

24:58 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

25:08 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

27:25 Sue Boyman (Banstead)

30:17 Amelia Linsley (Nonsuch)

31:30 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

32:54 Rachel Coleshill (Nonsuch)

35:04 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

Please follow the link here www.eandeharriers.co.uk/epsom-10

English para T&F Championships, Bedford

Dan Wolff – 2nd Mens 400m

Wedding Day 7k, Friday Bushy Park

28:23 Marta Cecconi

31:38 Jane Davies

31:57 Gerry Smith

33:52 Laura Howley

38:23 Sue Boyman

42:48 Sue Blunt

Parkrun Corner

16:03 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch)

17:24 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

17:28 Adam Seabury (Nonsuch)

18:46 Will Clark (Chichester)

19:51 Tom Pocock (Nonsuch)

20:02 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

20:13 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch)

20:20 Jim Seabury (Nonsuch)

20:25 David Howell (Nonsuch)

20:29 Isobel Stockley (Fell Foot)

20:44 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

22:02 Emily Hughes (Long Eaton)

22:28 Laura Gillen (Bushy)

22:31 Lauren Flack (Nonsuch)

22:32 Stu Flack (Nonsuch)

22:52 Matt Houghton (Poole)

23:00 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch)

24:30 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

24:49 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

25:39 Laura Howley (Nonsuch)

25:59 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

28:19 Katie Hartgrove (Northampton)

28:59 Amelia Linsley (Nonsuch)

30:06 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

Well done to all who competed in the Rosenheim League – too many results to list but they should be up on Powerof10 in time and are in excel form here ROSENHEIM JULY 20.

London Anniversary Games inc Diamond League

3000m steeplechase – Rosie Clarke 9:51.97 PB

SOAR 1 MILE event, Battersea Park

Rosie Clarke 4:41.86

Elmbridge 10K

8th Ollie Garrod 34:13

111th Simon Bean 40:17 (13th Vet 50-59)

13th Woman Chloe Bean 43:39

194th Rob Adnitt 43:59

1st Womens Vet 65+ Jane Davies 45:27

Parkrun Corner

16:51 Ollie Garrod (Banstead)

19:25 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

19:26 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

19:37 Marcus Levett (Nonsuch)

19:38 Isobel Stockley (Bushy)

19:46 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch)

20:41 Jim Seabury (Nonsuch)

21:00 David Howell (Nonsuch)

21:14 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:38 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch)

21:40 Bill Arbury (Tring)

21:47 Sharmila Franks (Nonsuch)

22:03 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

22:20 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch)

23:41 Laura Howley (Nonsuch)

26:07 Charlotte Mason (Nonsuch)

27:55 Zoe Double (Nonsuch)

29:39 Zuzanna Feline (Nonsuch)

29:49 Katie Hartgrove (Reading)

31:26 Ben Hines (Nonsuch)

33:02 Richard Somers (Nonsuch)

Finally summer’s here! Some fantastic news from our vets team who are unfortunately rarely featured in these roundups- the Ladies team won the 4 series vets league by 235 points racking up 607 to beat Kingston into a distant second. All efforts now turn to Ashford for the season finale where the team hope to retain their title from last year.

Elmore 7 – 2pm on Saturday… rather warm, only one muppet in red and yellow sweating away!

2nd Ollie Garrod 38:58

Parkrun Corner

16:26 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:54 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

18:32 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch)

18:35 Simon Bean (Nonsuch)

19:00 Dan Johnson (Nonsuch)

19:18 Conrad Norman (Riddlesdown)

19:43 Isobel Stockley (Dulwich)

20:02 Tom Pocock (Kingston)

20:36 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

20:39 Bill Arbury (Horsham)

21:39 Sharmila Franks (Riddlesdown)

21:58 Gerry Smith (Riddlesdown)

22:18 Vanda Caulfield (Riddlesdown)

23:51 Laura Howley (Nonsuch)

24:20 Michael Standage (Nonsuch)

24:31 Ben Hines (Nonsuch)

24:36 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch)

25:23 Charlotte Mason (Nonsuch)

25:30 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:39 Dina Francis (Nonsuch)

29:41 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

35:01 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

Firstly well done to Rosie Clarke on her performance at the European Championships in the 3000m steeplechase. Unfortunately against a quality field she couldn’t make it out of the heat but we’re still massively proud of her accomplishments.

Another successful SAL meeting on Saturday 9th July taking 2nd spot, which will solidify our position in the promotion spots with one more fixture to go.

And a belated congratulations to Conrad Norman who won the ISA championships yea 5 600m in 1:47:44 – a new championship record!

Wimbledon Common 10K (Jim Brabent Memorial) Sunday 3rd July

Ollie Garrod and Izzy Brinsden took respective top spots in this off roader in some muddy conditions.

Nonsuch Relays

Well done to all who competed – too many to list out here, but the important team results;

1st Mens Team

5th Junior Mens Team

3rd Junior Womens Team

1st Womens Team

1st Mens Vets

Once again a near clean sweep – great effort all

Parkrun Corner

17:15 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch, 2nd)

18:14 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch, 2nd)

18:50 Simon Bean (Nonsuch, 2nd)

19:07 Dan Wolff (Nonsuch, 2nd)

19:51 Tom Pocock (Richmond, 2nd)

20:02 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch, 2nd)- first finisher

20:28 Jeff Butler (Nonsuch, 9th)

20:33 Chloe Bean (Highbury, 2nd)

20:43 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch, 9th)

20:53 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch, 2nd)

21:30 Jeff Seabury (Banstead, 2nd)

21:46 Joe Linsley (Nonsuch, 9th)

21:58 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch, 9th)

22:12 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch, 2nd)

22:30 Laura Gillen (Bushy, 2nd)

22:41 Carel du Plessis (Nonsuch, 2nd)

23:09 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch, 9th)

23:37 Richard Somers (Nonsuch, 9th)

24:24 Michael Standage (Nonsuch, 9th)

24:36 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch, 2nd)

25:23 Paul Wolff (Nonsuch, 2nd)

27:18 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch, 2nd)

27:29 Sue Boyman (Banstead 9th)

28:23 Keith Walker (Wimbledon Common, 2nd)

28:57 Katie Hartgrove (Reigate Priory, 2nd)

29:35 Keith Walker (Banstead, 9th)

30:24 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch, 2nd)

30:29 Susan Blunt (Nonsuch, 9th)

34:03 Rachel Coleshill (Nonsuch, 2nd)

An absolutely huge congratulations to our superstar athlete Rosie Clarke, who on Sunday became British Champion over steeplechase!

13529258_10153749872422916_7226765031626878550_nHer performance has nabbed her a spot in the European Championships

Ollie Garrod also ran 100 miles in aid of Alzheimer’s Society finishing despite the withdrawl of his companion in 22 hours and 7 minutes. The fundraising website will be left open for another month so please do dig deep if you can at; www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/WillandOllie100

British Athletics Championships, Sunday 26th June

3000m steeplechase: Rosie Clarke 9:52.20

Parkrun Corner

18:21 Alex Gurteen (Nonsuch)

19:54 Di Norman (Riddlesdown) – first woman13507211_10208218606375561_5416307075857708179_n

20:49 Jim Seabury (Riddlesdown)

20:55 Bill Arbury (Cranleigh)

21:09 Carel du Plessis (Banstead)

21:11 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch) – first woman

21:24 Chloe Bean (Nonsuch)

21:30 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

21:43 Emily Hughes (Long Eaton)

21:57 Sharmila Franks (Nonsuch)

22:58 Jane Davies (Riddlesdown)

23:14 Vanda Caulfield (Riddlesdown)

23:17 Gerry Smith (Riddlesdown)

23:38 Laura Gillen (Wimbledon)

23:43 Martin Cloherty (Bushy)

25:02 Andrew Gibson (Nonsuch)

25:48 Eva Hatfield (Nonsuch)

26:32 Zac Barker (Nonsuch)

26:37 Charlotte Mason (Nonsuch)

27:48 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

30:57 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

33:04 Keith Walker (Nonsuch)

34:21 Rachel Coleshill (Nonsuch)

Busy weekend for all in red and yellow with the Southern Athletics League, Richmond 10K and the 250th Nonsuch parkrun!

SAL, Gillingham

A close 2nd (of 5) to a very strong Medway side

A message from Ian “Well done to everyone who competed, judged and supported our athletes today. We were second out of five teams – with great achievements all round! A select number of debut events for some of the men: Marcus Levett, hammer; Stuart Flack, javelin; Philip Mackie, 110mH!. A number of personal bests too.”

By my reckonings that means we’re very much at the tasty end of the league – with 2 fixtures to go we could well bounce straight back up to Division 2 at the first time of asking!

Richmond 10K – Surrey League inc Surrey 10K Championships – some very impressive results, especially with a number of us “doubling up” from the SAL

5th Ollie Garrod  33:29 (3rd in Surrey)

89th Simon Bean 38:09

103rd Izzy Brinsden 38:58

225th Chloe Bean 43:32

226th Rob Adnitt 43:26

234th Sharmila Franks 43:45

254th Vanda Caulfield 44:41

258th Laura Gillen 44:44

267th Jane Davies 45:01

Parkrun Corner

16:42 Ollie Garrod (Nonsuch) – first finisher

17:25 Steve Winder (Nonsuch)

19:27 Isobel Stockley (Bushy)

20:14 Marta Cecconi (Nonsuch) – first woman

20:58 Jeff Butler (Barnstaple)

21:14 Jim Seabury (Nonsuch)

21:25 William Marratt (Nonsuch)

22:04 David Howell (Nonsuch)

22:22 Jane Davies (Bushy)

24:20 Andrew Gibson (Banbury)

24:21 Zac Barker (Nonsuch)

25:34 Gerry Smith (Nonsuch)

28:18 Sue Boyman (Nonsuch)

29:27 Keith Walker (Banstead)

30:05 Alfie Jones (Nonsuch)

31:18 Sue Blunt (Nonsuch)

35:52 Rachel Coleshill (Nonsuch)

37:06 Dave Mitchell (Nonsuch)

45:13 Vanda Caulfield (Nonsuch) – tail runner

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